Ten Exercises For the Workday

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As a culture we have come to have a pretty serious relationship with our electronic communication devices; our cell phones, our computers and our tablets are part of regular lives. We don’t think twice when we check in upon rising and as the last thing we do before bed, and all through out the day. How is this behavior effecting us? Well at it’s most basic level it’s affecting our posture. We see it all the time, our co worker slumped forward, our partner’s shoulders rolled forward. Our own bodies suffering from neck or shoulder tension, even our kids are being effected by their constant texting and game time.

So how can we reduce these ill effects? I’m providing a list of a couple exercises you can do throughout your work or school day. Some are to check in and remember what your correct alignment is and some are little tension and stress relief tips. Breathe, sit up straight, be happy from the inside out and smile. Here’s a list of ten exercises, you can pick and choose. Please watch video for full explanation. Photos give a basic demonstration.

Shoulder shrugs and rolls
Neck stretch and roll
Pec (pectoral) arm stretch
Roll down
Standing or seated twist
Breathing deep
Mini Barre:
Plie, Releve
With added extension and flexion

Final: posture check
Pin point your correct alignment and keep it checked in a mirror

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